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Here is Gabby - she is a Northern's Kloey/Oakview's Mauzer M'Bumba female pup (full sister to Duke 2 from our Homepage. At 10 months of age I'm sure you can agree she has some serious potential. She will be Pennhipped shortly. She lives in Northern California. Thanks J.L. for the photos.

Hey...Just wanted to fill you in on Jabali. He is wonderful. At the farm or beach each day. Already hunting Rabbits and I plan to get him on wild boar this winter in Florida.

The next email are several pics from him as a puppy when I got him home to recent pics. Yes, he relaxes in the house and claims several pieces of furniture as his own.
He is 109 pounds right now as of 8 months old. He is going through another growth spurt right now with his hind end above his front end.
What a GREAT personality and a great daily companion at the farm and in the field.

Best,  Jay  (Jabali)

This is Northern's Tea (Tay-Uh) born out of Katie and Samson.

Who says big girls do not move? Northern's dogs are athletic.

Tea lives with J. Sebring in NY.



August 05 -05 - A few more of Northern's Diesel - a future stud for the Northern's Kennel - just less than 7 months he weighs 92 pounds and very lean.



Another Katie/Sheriff Puppy with an email:


Hey Rob, I just thought you might be interested in an update on Kifaru, we are totally loving him and he's really having fun going on light hikes with us, he is a very inquisitive puppy and is always quick to check out new things. He plays with my girlfriends 3 year old Labrador quite a bit and it seems he never gets tired, we take him to the dog park here every weekend where he seems to enjoy playing with the other dogs, he will play rough with big dogs and quite gently with little ones. He's is very people friendly while outside as he gets socialized quite a bit at both of our workplaces , however he is very protective of F...., if someone he doesn't know comes near her he will puff up his chest and bark until she tells him it's ok. Apparently I'm on my own though as he doesn't seem to mind in the least bit if someone walks up to me.

I started him on the SAR stuff last week, he loves to play with his toys and hide and seek seems to be his new favorite game so I have high hopes for his chances of succeeding at the Search and Rescue work. He eats like a horse but is still a real lean 42lbs and seems to have lost the pot belly he had at 8 weeks I'm not quite sure how official measurements are taken but standing erect he is 17" from the ground the top of his back over the rear legs.

 We also found another Boerboel owner here with a pair of 2yr old males, His dogs came from ...... in Florida but he said neither of his dogs were as stocky and fearless as Kifaru is at his age.

 Anyhow, just wanted to give you an update, he is a very playful pup, thank you again for making this happen for us.

I attached a couple pics I took tonight.







Another email from June 28-06:

Hey Rob, I finally got settled in up in Portland, OR and figured you might be interested in some updated pics of Kifaru, heís doing great and really enjoying the nice cool weather up here in the Pacific NW (huge change from the Vegas heat). Heís doing great with the search and rescue stuff as well, I couldnít be more pleased with him. Heís still real lean and very strong, after our hike Sunday I took him to the groomers here to get cleaned up and weighed (he loves water and tends to roll in mud puddles when he find them) currently heís just shy of 25Ē at the back and weighs a whopping 109lbs (is this typical height/weight for a 7month old Boerboel) Hereís some pics of him lounging around the house, when I get some help Iíll try to take some better ones (he really isnít interested in standing still for the camera) CC


Below: These are Daniel Karreman's dogs - Northern's Bella (Shanie/Sheriff), Northern's Sophia (Katie/Sheriff) and Northern's Duke (Kloey/M'Bumba). Daniel lives out in BC Canada - he will be trying his hand at breeding some good boerboels soon.



This is Northern's Katrina sharing her new home with Northern's Guinness. Guinness does everything the same as Katrina.



Northern's Ozzie - A Shanie/Sheriff Puppy from the 2nd litter - 2006...owned by D&V.S. in Grimsby. Thanks for the photos...




Northern's Zoey and Northern's Ozzie



Northern's Maxx, shown here at 18 months of age - from the first Shanie/Sheriff litter. He is owned by Mr. Hightower of Youngstown, Ohio. Thanks for the photos - Look forward to the video.



A Katie/Samson pup - a sister of Kloey and Katrina - here is Madison owned by Mike Tenbrink. Thanks for the photo..



A Katie/Sheriff pup - owned by Anil B. out in Vancouver, BC - here is young Ajax...



One of several emails from Casey (Amherst, NY), an owner of a female named Angel from Sophie and Breck's second litter:


Dear Rob,

At this time I can unequivocally state that Angel is by far the best dog I've ever had. That is saying a lot, I've had some great dogs, Angel's the best.

Thank you so much for bringing her into my life. She is constantly showered with love. God Bless.
Casey R.

Another email from July 23-07:

Dear Rob,
I owe you my life. Last night I was walking Angel in a park near the forest behind my home around midnight. An older small man approached us and began talking strangely to us. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a gun. Without me saying a word Angel attacked with a ferocity I never had seen in my 40 + years experience with guard dogs. She crushed the arm holding the gun and began to tear the man apart. He shit himself with fear. After he stopped moving I called Angel off and immediately called the police. When they arrived they informed me that he had escaped from a prison in South Carolina and was the prime suspect in a double homicide. On the night prior to our walk we returned from the Cleveland Clinic guest house where Angel was permitted to sleep in my bed. I was told I would be given a dual transplant in a month. If it weren't for Angel I wouldn't be alive to receive it. As long as I live I will always have a Boerboel but Angel will always be the best. Thank you for saving my life. God Bless you and yours. He truly blessed me the day I got Angel.