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About Us

Welcome to Northern Boerboels - Canadian Home to the Boerboel - South Africa's Mastiff

Who are we?

We are Rob & Jen Backstrom, we got our start with old type boxers, which we still have. Rob was always interested in mastiffs and got a Bullmastiff. We had such health problems with him we decided to look for a more robust breed that had the mass and presence of a big mastiff but the athletic capacity of the boxer. We think we have found it in the boerboel. We were the first people in Canada to have Boerboels, we had the first breedings, litters, etc.

We have a real breeding program here and are not bulk importers of pups from Africa (animals brokers and profiteers). We care about the dogs we sell and cannot stress enough that any prospective buyer needs to check references and look at the motivations of the sellers, because this breed is being overrun by puppy milling animal brokers, on both sides of the water. Most of the animals gotten through these brokers will be parasitic ridden low quality pups which are essentially the dregs of someone's breeding programs (bought for peanuts and shipped out of the sellers market for good reason). Don't be fooled with someone's fancy website. A puppy miller is to be avoided, fancy trappings or otherwise.

We currently register our dogs with the SABT, the oldest and largest registry of boerboels in the world. They are based in South Africa, which is where all our paperwork comes from. All of our breeding stock is SABT appraised and in great health. All of our dogs are run every single day and are housed very well. In the winter our dogs have heat.

We have been to South Africa and we feel we have a good basis of knowledge to move forward with the breed.

Rob passed the SABT Breeders Course in St. Louis 2003.