Appraisal Day Oct. 01-06


We had a good day, good weather considering the weather the day before and after - I'd say we were lucky.

Anemari Pretorius and Jean Minnaar were the appraisers. If anyone has some photos they would like to submit I'd be grateful - I was a little occupied with the registries, etc. Thanks to all who attended - we look towards 2007 with the intention of a bigger event - I think the Scotland, ON location worked very well and I'd like to hold it there again next year.




Rob Backstrom


Top Male of the day was Northern's Diesel with 87.6% - This stud owned by Northern Boerboels is in the 90th percentile for hips by Pennhip.

Top Female of the day was OakView's Tawny with 88% - This bitch is co-owned by OakView Boerboels and Northern Boerboels and is also in the 90th percentile for hips by Pennhip.