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Northern's Duke II

Duke was born here Jan. 26-06 and is a Northern's Kloey and Oakview Boerboel's Mouzer M'Bumba's son. He is a full litter brother to the female we kept (Northern's CC).

On the day these photos were taken Duke "2" was 142 pounds and approx. 26.5 inches tall. He was only just turned 9 months old. Duke lives in Chilliwack, BC at the newest BC Boerboel Kennel "BC Boerboels". His hips have been tested and he is in Pennhip's 90th percentile.

Duke has a nice personality - I saw him personally Oct. 17th. This male will be used by Northern Boerboels to Shanie for our 2006/2007 Shanie breeding. We have good intentions for this male for future breedings as well. He has not been SABT scored yet, however with his current specs he is bound to do well.

We are proud to have produced such a dog.